From Dreamers to Doers: How Siargao Inspired Our Journey and Fueled Our Growth

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Our journey hasn’t been easy, but we are grateful for every moment. We’ve learned that anything is possible with passion, determination, and an unbreakable bond.


Siargao Island, located in the Philippines, has unparalleled natural beauty and undeniable magic. It has long been a destination for surfers and adventurers seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. But many visitors discover that Siargao is more than just a vacation spot. It’s a place that captures the heart and soul, where one can find a sense of belonging. And this feeling is the inspiration behind our business, “Diwa,” a Tagalog word meaning soul, essence, and spirit.

Hi! We are Angela and Chrissie, the proud founders of Diwa Eco-House. Our story began in the bustling Metro Manila, where we quickly bonded over our love for island life and adventure. As we explored the breathtaking Siargao island, we realized the need for affordable and comfortable accommodations. With hearts full of passion and determination, we took a leap of faith, founded Diwa Eco-House in 2017, and opened our doors to the public in 2019. Starting a homestay business from scratch was no easy feat, but our vision was clear. We aimed to create a space where dreamers and adventure-seekers could find rest and rejuvenation – a home away from home.

Then 2020 happened, and the pandemic hit, and we faced our biggest challenge yet. The future was uncertain, and we had to close our doors temporarily. But we were determined to come back stronger. We kept in touch with our guests and used the downtime to improve and learn. And when we reopened in September 2021, we were more than ready to give our guests the Siargao experience of a lifetime. But the universe had other plans for us. A few months later, Typhoon Odette struck Siargao, and Diwa Eco-House suffered significant damage. It was a devastating blow, but we refused to give up. We closed the business for eight months to rebuild, and when we reopened in August 2022, we were stronger and more determined than ever.

Our journey hasn’t been easy, but we are grateful for every moment. We’ve learned that anything is possible with passion, determination, and an unbreakable bond. We also owe our success to our loving families, excellent and hardworking staff, and incredible guests, who have supported us from day one. Their trust in us and unwavering commitment to our vision have been the driving force behind our homestay, Diwa Eco-House.

This island has inspired us to dream big and work hard, giving us the courage and strength to pursue our goals. It has also taught us resilience, adaptability, and the importance of community. We are grateful to the island and its people for welcoming us with open arms and supporting us every step of the way.

Today, Diwa Eco-House is more than just a homestay. It’s a place where dreamers can become doers, and as we look to the future, we’re excited to welcome even more adventurers and create new memories. We invite you to come and experience the soulful, rejuvenating energy of Diwa Eco-House and let us show you why Siargao island is our home and our inspiration.

Diwa Siargao

Initially a private home for family and friends, Diwa Eco-House opened its doors to the public, offering solo travelers, couples, and families a comfy homestay accommodation in Siargao. Discover Siargao and come home to a comfortable, calm, minimalist dwelling. Learn more.

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