House Rules

 This is our home.
As such, we request that you be respectful of the environment and the property. Kindly read the following carefully and in its entirety.

Protect Siargao

You are keepers of Siargao’s beauty. Own it! When you go out into the beaches, pick-up after yourselves. We are gradually working towards being zero waste, and we need your help. Try your best not to consume plastic during your stay with us. Please abide by the local community’s strict regulation on single-use plastic. If you can, pack your reusable canteens, food containers, and eco-bags. 

Security deposit

We require guests to provide a security deposit per room to protect our property in case of damages. Our House Manager will collect PHP2,000 for deluxe rooms and PHP3,000 for family rooms. If there are no damages, our House Manager will return the security deposit to you upon check-out. In some extreme cases, extra charges will apply on top of the Security Deposit if damages are proven to be irreparable. 


Switch off lights, AC, electronics when you leave your room to promote energy saving. Please help us save our planet by being mindful of your water and toilet paper consumption. Please dispose of your used toilet papers or napkins in the trash bin unless you want to come home to a clogged toilet.


Like you, we enjoy exploring Siargao’s beautiful beaches and surf spots. Make sure you are sand-free before entering the room. Look for outside showers or sprinkle some baby powder on your hands, feet, hair—wherever sand is stuck on your body. Easy peasy!


Damages, breakages, and lost items (i.e. key, portable solar light, futons, etc.) must be reported to House Manager as soon as possible. Failure to communicate will likely result in a penalty deduction from the security deposit. To avoid this situation, please keep the room keys with you at all times. No furniture is to be moved from one room to another without prior agreement. Also, no bathroom towels are to be removed from the property for beach use. 


We want to create a community of mindful dwellers and travelers. Be kind to your next-door roomies and neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum—strictly no loud music or outside guests by 9:00 pm.


Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms. Cigarette butts left in grass and soil can harm nearby plant growth, so kindly throw these in the trash bin. Extra cleaning fees to remove odor, stains, and ash will apply.


Suppose we prove you are carrying and using illegal drugs of any kind on our property. In that case, we will engage the authorities.


Our eco-house is part of a homestay community, and we do not have the resources of a large hotel chain. As such, we also request that you be mindful of our team’s working schedule. Our staff is available to attend to your requests from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm unless it’s an emergency. 


The Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and evict any Guests who refuse to follow these House Rules or cause a nuisance to neighbors or other community residents.